*Muscle flexibility and joint mobility are improved

*The body's coordination, posture, balance, and alignment are corrected

*Fatigue, discomfort, and pain are lessened

*Injury prevention

*Increased body strength and self-confidence 

See What You Can Experience at PilATES A GOGO

10 Years Younger in 10 hours



The Benefits

Pilates A GoGo

Experience is everything, and here at Pilates A GoGo, your experience is completely original to your needs and wants. Our philosophy is to deliver a program of specific and controlled exercises that stimulate the mind and body, using the mind to control the muscles. Our emphasis on positive thinking, mental focus, and concentration, delivers exercise that is suitable for everyone and results in a refreshed body and mind.

Pilates (Pi-LAH-teez), is a low-stress method of physical and mental conditioning that is over 100 years old. The primary focus of the method is to develop the body and mind uniformly, concentrating on the Powerhouse, while exercising without strain to the heart, and to gain power and grace.

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Callanetics, not Calisthenics, is a unique, no-impact exercise system consisting of small isometric pulsing movements where different sections of our bodies are flexed and pulsed simultaneously. These small, regular pulses work with the body to tone and lift.


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